Tuesday, May 8, 2007

And this is one of the reason I will never let anybody else touch my computer(s)

This is just fantastic.

We don't have this disease Geek Squad in Sweden where I live but from the enormous amounts of articles about them I've found online I have a pretty good idea what they are.

Basically it's the inhuman corporate machine dressing up as the cute and geeky computer guy and the unfortunate people that don't know better go there to get their hardware fixed and end up taking a grenade up the poop-shoot, right?

Not only have previous employees admitted to downloading private images and stuff from their customer's harddrives, but now they're actually saying that they'd raid a harddrive simply handed to them by a customer claiming some sort of relation to the owner of the harddrive. I'm no legal expert but this has to be illegal!

This is one of the reasons I will never let anybody but myself come close enough to meddle with my data. I would never drop my computer off at a service shop. I'd rather go buy a new one honestly. Not that I really have anything real to hide, every warmblooded male with internet access has gigabytes of porn stashed somewhere and anybody who says otherwise is a liar, but on the other hand I have nothing weird or criminal stored in my closet and I wouldn't let some complete stranger ransack that either.

It's a question of personal integrity. I don't want people I don't know all up in my business fidgeting about. My stuff is mine, so hands off. That, and the fact that people simply cannot be trusted because they are... well... human! So not only will they view my personal stuff but, as proven by the Geek Squad confessions, they will make copies and steal my stuff too. What if I had blueprints for some awesome invention in there and some snotty teenager stole them and sold to someone? That would really be no fun at all.

I understand that not all people are IT-professionals and that Joe Schmoe or Auntie Bea on occasion needs help with his or her computer, but with all the shit that's been raining on Geek Squad I don't see how they are even staying in business. Is it that people in general don't read ANY of the sites I read (I've seen stuff on Geek Squad on at least twenty different sites) or are they really that oblivious to what's bad for them? Or could it be that they just don't know that there are other places that also fix computers? And by that I'm not saying that some other place will not rip you off, because they will if you go to the wrong place.

I don't know, it's just crazy to me, and it makes me even more happy about the fact that I can handle my own computer hardware better than most.

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